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Happy Birthday To Me Screenplay

According to IMDB there were 3 sets of writers on this, John Saxton, Peter Jobin & Timothy Bond, and un uncredited John Beaird. This script, which popped up on Megaupload, is a direct scan of the screenplay which perhaps tellingly has no credited writer on the cover sheet. What you’ll get a kick out of, [...]

New Happy Birthday to Me ad features a Quote from Retro Slashers

The new print ad for Happy Birthday to Me includes a quote from Lance Vaughan’s Retro Slasher review for the film.  The quote can be found directly below the dvd and beside the Amazon logo.  To read Lance’s review click here:

DVD Reminder: Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

Streeting October 13th comes the new HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME DVD from Anchor Bay, featuring the original theatrical score that was previously replaced for the Sony edition a few years back, plus restoring original cover elements.

Happy Birthday To Me, Anchor Bay DVD

On October 13th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME comes home, again, in a more befitting release. You may remember Columbia’s DVD featured a shockingly uncalled for cover, and the soundtrack had been replaced seemingly due to music rights issues.

Breaking News: Happy Birthday To Me 3D

And Retro Slashers totally called it.

Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

John Dunning and Andre Link had already scored a hit with their Canadian slasher My Bloody Valentine when Happy Birthday to Me was released in May, 1981. Despite being filmed first, Happy Birthday to Me was delayed for some time, before making a respectable amount at the box office