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VHS Cover: Home Sweet Home

Media Home Entertainment had the best video covers for early 80’s slashers – so good they managed to filter down to Australia intact whereas the region would usually get an altered style or campaign. Home Sweet Home is as good an example as any, indicative of the qualities that made Media stand out.

Home Sweet Home In 8 Minutes

Living in Australia I have no idea what Thanksgiving is, and prefer to remain clueless, filling the American minutia knowledge part of my brain with the history of Twinkies instead. But at Retro Slashers, Thanksgiving is still very special to us: an excuse to lavish praise on Home Sweet Home (1981, Review) starring Bodies-By-Jake Steinfeld.

Home, Sweet Home (1981)

Once upon a time there was this bodybuilding guru named Jake. Jake Steinfeld actually, but he went by Body by Jake and built an empire as trainer to the stars. He was rumored to be the only man to make Steven Spielberg throw up. There‚Äôs just a touch of irony that he caused such mayhem […]

Don Edmonds 1937 – 2009

I woke up this morning to the very sad news that Mr. Edmonds passed away. Most will remember Edmonds for his unabashedly envelope pushing Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, which is so… uh… scandalously unique, it’s cult status remains almost untouched. However, I remember Don most for his slasher films Terror on Tour, which […]

A Turkey for Turkey Day!

What is there to give thanks for if you can’t give some love to the best Thanksgiving slasher ever, Home Sweet Home. OK, it’s the only Thanksgiving Day slasher I can think of but still, you get my meaning. Now pass the stuffing… And have a great day, willya?