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Interview: Bill Kinison Discusses The Honeymoon Killer (APRIL FOOL’S)

Charlie Sheen, Alison (Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) Arngrim, and radio personality Rush Limbaugh star in Sam Kinison’s The Honeymoon Killer now in post-production. The late Sam Kinison’s take on the slasher genre, which was previously covered here, deals with an unhappily married man who targets brides on their wedding day.  During a recent […]

Really Lost Slashers

Here are four slasher films that were announced but never got made for various reasons. Maybe the scripts for these lost slashers are still floating around somewhere but it’s very doubtful any of them will ever get filmed now. 1. Sam Kinison’s The Honeymoon Killer: This comedy slasher involved a madman killing new brides as […]