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The Monster Squad remake is in the works

Platinum Dunes and Paramount are working on a remake of The Monster Squad.  Rob Cohen, one of the producers of the original, is set to direct for Michael Bay and company.  No word yet on who is handling the script or who might be in the cast.  Legend has it Liam Neeson was the original choice to play […]

Night Of The Demons: Story Of An Extra – by Tony Brown

The story behind me getting the part as an extra in NOTD is when I was scouring the internet for information on the movie. Initially, I had mixed feelings that one of my favorite movies of all time was being remade, but I was still definitely interested. Then, I heard it was going to be […]

Debbie Rochon In Slime City Massacre

Enjoy this post, because it’s the last non-directly-slasher-related one you’ll be seeing in a loooong time due to a major refocusing of the site’s content. But I wanted to pimp this video shot on the set of SLIME CITY MASSACRE because 1. Greg Lamberson‘s SLIME CITY (1988) was quintessential 80’s sleaze, sort of a companion […]

Select a Cover for Night of the Creeps

Following on from the recent news of a special director’s cut of Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic Night of the Creeps hitting DVD, it has been revealed that Amazon are asking fans to choose between three designs

Night of the Creeps DVD and Possible Sequel

Fans of the eighties classic Night of the Creeps will not only be treated to a special edition DVD this October but the possibility of a sequel at some point in the future

Amen! Night Of The Creeps Heading To DVD

“They got Alfalfa!” The good lads at Deadpit Radio dropped us a line to let us know while recording their April 3rd edition with DVD producing mogul Michael ‘Slipcase’ Felsher from Red Shirt Pictures. They learned that this Halloween is going to be creepier than ever with Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps at least […]