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New Intruder Uncut Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray In 2011

It won’t be available in supermarkets! Intruder is finally going to receive the justice it deserves, via Synapse. Note: Pictured is an uncut DVD from Denmark, which Synapse will obviously trump in quality and content, but we challenge them to match or better this cover art. Now onto the goodness…

Intruder Thoughts From A Real Retail Worker!

Intruder (1989) is a personal favorite of mine for use of isolated locale and inventive killscenes. I reviewed Wizard’s Director’s Cut a few years back and often go back to it for it’s blue collar charms. I’ve often wondered what a real supermarket/grocery store clerk thought of the movie, so don’t you know I was […]

DVD Review: Intruder (1989) Unrated Director’s Cut

Movie: A night shift for the clerks and shelvers at a suburban supermarket is going to be their last. Not just because it’s soon closing for good, but because someone is using the Deli tools to butcher the crew. “Half Off” indeed. Scott Spiegel’s Intruder is an underrated slasher due to the infamous mangling it […]

Intruder (1989) Review

For nearly two decades Intruder was a movie that seemed more talked about than seen and it became sort of a Holy Grail for genre buffs. After a small distribution in the late 80s, Intruder disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared a short time earlier. A good portion of the people involved, who were […]