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Christmas Comes Early: Lost Santa Slasher Unearthed

Our Christmas present to you last year was Thomas Ellison’s investigation of the uncompleted early 80’s slasher Jack M. Sell’s Black Christmas (featured in skit movie Outtakes). We now have a present from Retro Slashers‘ reader Wesley Skelly¬†who after reading the article, obtained the director’s cut and now pays forward the lengthy trailer to us.

Jack M Sell’s Black Christmas: The Forgotten Santa Slasher

Jack M. Sell’s Black Christmas is a spoof of holiday slashers that was never finished. The scenes that were filmed make up a trailer that appears during Sell’s Outtakes, his attempt at a Groove Tube type comedy. This Black Christmas involves a killer Kris Kringle stalking a group of young friends partying in an apartment. […]