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Retro Jukebox: Puppet Master

Puppet Master Theme – Richard Band

Retro Jukebox: Children Of The Corn

Children Of The Corn Main Theme – Jonathan Elias

Retro Jukebox: April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day Main Theme – Charles Bernstein

Retro Jukebox: Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall Theme – Chuck Cirino

Retro Jukebox: Prom Night

PROM NIGHT (1980) – Track #2 – Paul Zaza & Carl Zittrer

Retro Jukebox: Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING – Theme – John Harrison Part of the charm to Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING (faux trailer, perhaps a full movie soon) is the score, actually a combo of little bits and pieces from here and there. The prime themes implemented come from John Harrison’s score for CREEPSHOW (1982). What I’ve done here, is taken the […]