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Killer Party: Lost Gore Shots

Here are two kills you won’t see in the vhs version of Killer Party.  Maybe one day slasher fans will finally get to see this underrated slasher gem in uncut form.  But for now enjoy these pics and imagine what might have been if the gore scenes had been left intact.

Killer Band!

Anyone here remember White Sister? Well, I hope so because they were the band featured in the clever movie-within-a-music-video-within-a-movie at the beginning of Killer Party. That’s one band I always thought was created for a film. I mean, they just look too much of their time, you know? But I was wrong. This band was […]

Killer Party (1986) Review

Phoebe (Elaine Wilkes), Vivia (Sherry Willis-Burch), and Jennifer (Joanna Johnson) are pledges trying to get into the best sorority on campus. Unfortunately for the three friends, they have to attend an April Fool’s Day party in the old, abandoned Delta Sigma house. The house has been closed for twenty years, ever since a student was […]