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Killer Party: Lost Gore Shots

Here are two kills you won’t see in the vhs version of Killer Party.  Maybe one day slasher fans will finally get to see this underrated slasher gem in uncut form.  But for now enjoy these pics and imagine what might have been if the gore scenes had been left intact.

Halloween (1978): The Lost Footage

Today Fangoria’s Michael Gingold posted an article about the ultimate set of unedited negatives from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN (1978) that ended up in the hands of Synapse Films’ Don May Jr in 2006. Unfortunately since 3 years ago, the news has not differed in that there is still no future written in stone for this […]

My Bloody Valentine: Lost Gore Shots

Will we ever see an uncut edition of My Bloody Valentine?  I doubt it.  My hope is the remake does well enough to generate interest in the original.  If that happens, then we might finally get to see this classic slasher in all its crimson glory.  These few shots give are just a little taste […]