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Cropsey…He's Real

A documentary recently came to my attention that simply blew my mind, and I assumed might many of you as well, but I held off on reporting it, because I was sure–sure–someone else would get to it, probably right as I was typing mine up. It just seemed like such a given! Well, some days […]

Madman Returns?

Eerie sightings began occurring at horror cons over the past year….Paul Ehlers – the one, the only, Madman Marz – began turning up with his superbly crafted fantasy knives, and a very interesting sign in tow…. The warm, viking-like Ehlers began proclaiming that he was eager to launch a sequel/reboot to his beloved retro slasher […]

Madman (1981) Review

It was the early 80s and the world of horror movies was thriving. Two filmmakers took the popular legend of Cropsy, a man who beheaded scouts, and made two films, which were shot and released concurrently. Madman was one and the other was a little film called The Burning. Although both ideas were spurned from […]