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Fangoria #300

Fangoria has reached a major milestone with its 300th issue available now.  Instead of the usual retrospectives common with special anniversary issues, editor Chris Alexander and friends compiled a list consisting of 300 major horror films.  Alexander admits his “intention” is to “inspire great debate amongst our readers.”  Slasher fans will be happy to find […]

Madman, Maniac in Fango #297

Retro Slasher fans should keep an eye out for Fangoria #297.  The issue features interviews with Madman producer Gary Sales and Maniac director William Lustig.  There’s also an interview with Adam (Hatchet II) Green which gives insight into the hell he went through dealing with the MPAA.  Adding to the slasher nostalgia theme of Fango […]

Freddy Krueger’s A Nightmare on Elm Street magazine

In 1989 Marvel Comics gave Freddy Krueger is own black and white magazine.  The magazine only lasted for two issues due to the outcry from angry parents.  Marvel wanted no part of the controversy and cancelled the book before the sales figures for the first issue came in, at least that was the popular theory going […]

Monsters Attack #2

Monster Attack! was a short lived black and white horror magazine published by Globe Communications, the same folks responsible for Cracked magazine, from 1989 to 1990.  Editor Mort Todd mixed horror stories from famous artists with articles on  horror films, directors, and monster icons.  Issue two featured a retrospective on  NOES 1-4 written by Kevin McMahon.  Along […]

Retro Slashers In HorrorHound Magazine

Check out the latest issue of HorrorHound, #22 It’s got A-Z retro slasher coverage and a retrospective on Media Home Entertainment, the company that brought many slasher delights to your VHS deck!

Check Out This Month's Issue of The Dark Side

One magazine that I enjoy but very rarely get chance to read is The DarkSide, a bi-monthly publication that is produced over here in the UK.