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Troma’s Mother’s Day Coming To Blu-Ray

A remake may be out in a few weeks and an appendage-movie in Father’s Day later, but June 7 brings Mother’s Day (1980) home on blu-ray. Not typical Troma fare at all, but back then 80’s Troma wasn’t really Troma yet. I always found the flick somewhat atypical and unsafe. The opening scene pulls a […]

Trailer: Troma’s Father’s Day

Did this come out of nowhere or not? Troma have a sequel/appendage to Mother’s Day on the way, and the trailer is here. Although it’s as mind-blowingly offensive as you’ve come to expect from the company, the movie was produced by a team of Canadians called Astron-6 who look to have a genuine video nostalgia […]

Interview With Mother's Day Actress Nancy Hendrickson

By “SkaryMoviez”: Every once in a while, a retro slasher arrives to little or no fanfare, only to be recognized years later, thus attaining what we like to call cult status. Charles Kaufman’s 1980 classic Mother’s Day arrived into theaters only to be looked down upon by fans of the then more popular Friday The […]

Suggest Actors For Mother's Day Remake

Who knows when these filmmakers are being serious, but director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4) has asked fans on his Twitter page to help suggest possible actors for his upcoming remake of Mother’s Day.

More News on Mother's Day Remake

More news on the upcoming remake of the 1980 slasher Mother’s Day. As previously revealed, the film will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who lensed the first three Saw sequels) and produced by Twisted Pictures

Mother's Day Remake Update

For all those that haven’t been following the updates, another eighties classic to get the remake treatment is Mother’s Day