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Retro Slashers Invites You To My Bloody Valentine Uncut Theatrical Screening At Alamo Drafthouse

Retro Slashers is teaming up with Blood Thirsty Thursdays for a theatrical screening night of George Mihalka’s 1981 Canadian ode to pick-axes, My Bloody Valentine (Review). Best of all, the print is UNRATED & UNCUT! Venue will be Alam0 Westlakes, San Antonio TX at both 8pm and 10.30pm on Thursday, Feb 10th. Tickets will be […]

A Retro Slasher’s Salute to Keith Knight

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the career of Keith Knight who portrayed Hollis in My Bloody Valentine.  Born in Ontario, Canada in 1956, Keith Knight spent his early acting career on the stage.  In 1979 Knight landed his first film role as Fink the hot […]

My Bloody Valentine (1981) Review

Outside the obvious franchises (Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc.), perhaps the most beloved slasher of the early eighties was the Canadian thriller My Bloody Valentine

Exclusive Interview With MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Director Patrick Lussier

Patrick Lussier first gained attention as Wes Craven’s editor of choice on such classics as New Nightmare and Scream, before moving up to the director’s chair with a string of popular sequels. But 2009 saw his greatest success with the 3D slasher My Bloody Valentine. Retro Slashers finds out what it was like to create […]

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

With such a glut of slasher movies released in the early eighties in the wake of Friday the 13th‘s unexpected success it seems that money-hungry studios and producers have an endless supply of material to work from.

My Bloody Valentine 3D Deleted Material On DVD

Looking forward to the alternate ending, because the one they went with was the only buzzkill on the entire rollercoaster ride for me – specifically talking the final shot of the film here – the very moment they should have used to strengthen the presence of Harry Warden/The Miner, they wasted to set up the […]