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How They Did It: MBV Uncut

I read a pretty thorough article over at Shock Till You Drop about the reinstatement of uncut scenes into the upcoming My Bloody Valentine DVD. Seems they were always going to integrate them into the film, so everyone got in an early huffy all for naught – sometimes we have to trust the companies. Here’s […]

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer (UK)

My Bloody Valentine 3D Full Poster

Source: Fangoria

My Bloody Valentine Uncut Seamless Branching

Hot diggity, you can watch it with integrated deleted scenes, or separately. Can February get here fast enough? BTW, you can see publicity shots from some of the uncut scenes courtesy of Thomas Ellison a time ago.

My Bloody Valentine Special Edition DVD Coming (Updated)

Every slasher fan worth their weight in heart-shaped candy knows exactly who has the legendary uncut scenes for My Bloody Valentine (hint: not a company). Yup. So, pretty hard for Lion’s Gate to bone this up. Mmm hmm. “ has received early word that Lionsgate is prepping a special edition DVD of George Mihalka’s 1981 […]

Ten Things the new My Bloody Valentine Needs to Not Suck

Whatever is going to happen in the new My Bloody Valentine has already been signed, sealed and delivered. It is what it is. I think it’s got tons of potential, but being the die hard fan I am I can’t help but hope that they will keep the elements that made the original such a […]