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Review: My Name Is Kris Kringle (2010, Short)

Fangoria‘s online arm gave visitors a ‘Christmas gift’ this year, an exclusive short movie produced by Robert Galluzzo (The Psycho Legacy) and written/directed by Drew Daywalt (didn’t know his work until this). What drew me to My Name Is Kris Kringle was a killer santa role played by R.A. Mihailoff – Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw […]

Here We Are At Halloween

A quiet halloween for me. I’ve been sick all week, and as a result of carving my first ever jack-o-lantern way too early in the month, it has rotted and sunken in on itself, causing it to look a little like Abe Vigoda if his face imploded. So that’s two points against an enjoyable halloween. […]

Robert Englund, D’Onofrio’s Don’t Go in the Woods at this years NYC Horror Film Festival

The 2010 New York City Horror Film Festival will feature a slasher legend and a slasher musical.  Robert Englund will receive this years Lifetime Achievement Award on November 13th, at 10:00 P.M.  After the ceremony there will be a special screening of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Englund will also attend a genre panel […]

Don’t Go in the Woods . . .The Musical

Vincent (Full Metal Jacket) D’Onofrio has directed a new slasher musical, Don’t Go in the Woods.  D’Onofrio co-wrote the film with Sam Bisbee and Joe Vinciguerra.  Don’t Go in the Woods was filmed in 13 days on a budget of $100,000.  The cast is mostly unknowns except for the great Eric (Special Effects, Talk Radio) Bogosian. […]

The Back Lot Murders (2002)

Note:I originally wrote this review several years ago and it’s gone from site to site. As the years have passed, I’ve come to find this little ditty has grown on me, so there have been some edits. This might not be Corey Haim’s shining moment, but it’s not a bad little slasher either. RIP Corey. You were […]

Red Mist (2008) Review

  I never thought I’d live long enough to see a remake of Aenigma – Lucio Fulci’s blending of Carrie and Patrick, which featured killer snails and death by Tom Cruise poster. But that’s essentially what the recent British horror Red Mist (known as Freakdog in the US) is… albeit one that’s short on molluscs […]