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Trick 'r Treat DVD Artwork Revealed

It’s been a hell of a long time coming, but the highly anticipated horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat will finally be unleashed on DVD this October.

Artwork for Adam Sandlers Horror Revealed

Having Adam Sandler’s name attached to a horror film immediately sets off all kinds of alarm bell, kinda like having Michael Bay making them, so it is with immense scepticism that I approach The Shortcut, his first producer credit within the genre.

Star Vehicle Steps on the Gas

Following on from last year’s outrageous slasher homage Gutterballs (reviewed here), independent filmmaker Ryan Nicholson starts work tomorrow on his latest feature, Star Vehicle.

Gutterballs (2008) Review

CAUTION: CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL After the glossy makeover that Scream had given to the genre, the slasher film came dangerously close to becoming acceptable, safe and almost cool.

Exclusive Interview With Wrong Turn 3 Star Janet Montgomery

With starring roles in such promising horror flicks as The Hills Run Red and Wrong Turn 3, English beauty Janet Montgomery has the makings of a 21st century scream queen. Retro Slashers finds out more.

Eli Roth Says 'No' To Hostel III

Eli Roth has stated that he has no intention of taking part in the proposed second sequel to his ‘torture porn’ classic Hostel,