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Dribbler Pre-Order & Story Info

A teenage athlete named Stanley (Greg Calpakis, TV’s COLD SQUAD) is a waterboy for a high school basketball team. Stanley wants to make the team, but the coach (TV funnyman Fred Travalena) rejects him as a worthless player and sends him away. Soon afterwards, the basketball team members are being killed off one-by-one by a […]

Night Of The Dribbler DVD: September 8th

Back on June 30th we sadly informed you of the passing of Fred Travalena, star of lost slasher NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995). Code Red DVD have posted a comment on the man and film, and have also set a Release Date of September 8th – bittersweet news.

Have Ball Will Travalena: Night Of The Dribbler Star Dies

Noted comedy entertainer Fred Travalena (IMDB Profile) has passed away at age 66. The amiable funnyman played three different roles in the unreleased slasher spoof NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) and has a veritable laundry list of stand-up, impersonator and acts gigs. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. As recently as […]

Dribbler Taken Off The Court For Now

I only throw bad basketball puns your way to mask my disappointment that Code Red’s NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) has been delayed. Pretty much the most anticipated lost slasher since it never came out in any format, I guess what’s a few more months after about a decade plus? Read on for some Code […]

Code Red Commit Carnage Candy

Code Red are hitting home runs this year with titles for retro slasher fans to salivate over. The quirky lost slasher NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER, and indeed – the title so obvious we weren’t sure even when we were beaten over the head with clues – WEEKEND MURDERS! Charge forth for cover art and details!

Code Red's Dribbler Gets Special Features

Last month you heard about Code Red DVD releasing a lost retro slasher so rare, it isn’t even on the IMDB under any title we know of – that would be NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER. Now the company are back with a slam dunk of an update.