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Exclusive: Last Minute Addition To Nightmare DVD

So much has been said about the involvement (or non-involvement) of Tom Savini on Nightmare that often others with definitive special FX contributions to the film are overlooked. Code Red are looking to change that with this late breaking extra for their Nightmare 2-disc set. “Special effects make-up artist Edward French, Oscar Nominee and Emmy […]

Code Red’s Nightmare DVD Cover

Presenting the DVD cover for Code Red’s Nightmare DVD! Forgive the roughness of this post. My PC/laptop access is a little constrictive right now, but this couldn’t wait. Great to see the classic artwork, of course, and click that baby for stunning hi-res! Thoughts?

EXCLUSIVE: Code Red’s Nightmare 2-Disc Set Finally

Code Red received quite a bashing from the genre DVD community for taking their own sweet time assembling a special edition of Nightmare (1981). Romano Scavolini’s film is a virtual camera lens inside the mind of a sweaty, mouth-foaming psychotic, and required special handling to bring this 2-Disc DVD to fruition. July 5th will see […]

Code Red Say Nightmare DVD Within 6 Months (UPDATED)

While Code Red DVD have released some mouth-watering rarities, their status as the Criterion Of Horror is constantly kneecapped by their seeming reluctance to engage customers about the status of several long-delayed titles. But nonetheless, the excellent long-running website Horror DVDs has often played public confidant to the company in the past, and today brings […]

Scavolini vs. Savini – Nightmare In a Damaged Brain

When I spoke to Romano Scavolini back in September 2007, he still insisted that the special effects for his notorious video nasty Nightmare (more commonly referred to as Nightmare in a Damaged Brain) were designed and created by makeup legend Tom Savini.

Nightmare in a Damaged Brain (1981) Review

Romano Scavolini’s Nightmare was one of the most notorious of all the slasher films to emerge in the eighties. Distributed in the United Kingdom under the more infamous moniker Nightmare in a Damaged Brain