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Choice Slasher Posters From 1978 (Halloween)-1984 (ANOES)

Posters help sell a movie. They catch the public’s eye and, if you’re the right target for what they’re selling, they should encourage you to buy that ticket. Though the art is somewhat dead today (too many Photoshopped pictures of teen stars, not enough design), there are still plenty of examples from the golden age […]

Nightmare remake a hit, 3D sequel already in the works

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood is reporting the new A Nightmare on Elm Street made over $15 million on Friday and is on track to make $35 million over the weekend.  Finke was informed this morning Warner Bros. is already working on a 3D sequel to capitalize on the revitalized franchise.  Hopefully, the 3D will include […]

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010): A mini review

The new Nightmare is much better than I expected despite a few flaws.  First with the bad.  The new Freddy make-up is awful and seems to change during the course of the film.  Sometimes Freddy resembles the killer in Popcorn, other times he looks a lot like the rich villain in Hannibal.  Jackie Earle Haley […]

Freddy Krueger’s A Nightmare on Elm Street magazine

In 1989 Marvel Comics gave Freddy Krueger is own black and white magazine.  The magazine only lasted for two issues due to the outcry from angry parents.  Marvel wanted no part of the controversy and cancelled the book before the sales figures for the first issue came in, at least that was the popular theory going […]

Monsters Attack #2

Monster Attack! was a short lived black and white horror magazine published by Globe Communications, the same folks responsible for Cracked magazine, from 1989 to 1990.  Editor Mort Todd mixed horror stories from famous artists with articles on  horror films, directors, and monster icons.  Issue two featured a retrospective on  NOES 1-4 written by Kevin McMahon.  Along […]

Fright Flicks

In 1988 Topps released Fright Flicks, a cards set featuring gory images from popular horror films.  It’s pretty clear Topps saw Freddy Krueger as the star of the set when one looks at a Fright Flicks box.  On top a grinning Freddy is flashing his claw hand with each blade piercing a card.  5 of the 11 stickers […]