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Freddy Krueger Week Starts Today

Retro Slashers is celebrating the return of Freddy Krueger to the big screen with a week dedicated to the slasher icon.  We’ll showcase some of the Freddy merchandise that popped up during the height of Freddy Mania, offer a mini review of the New Nightmare hitting theaters April 30th, and keep you updated on the box-office […]

Updated: Robert Englund guest stars on Bones tonight

Robert Englund will make a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of Bones.  “The Death of the Queen Bee” has Booth and Bones investigating a death at a class reunion.  Englund will be a chief suspect (but a red herring I suspect) in the murder.  The commercial I saw featured Englund holding a really big hunting […]

Never Sleep Again Website Launches

And Freddy is waiting for you! The official website for the upcoming (and sure to be definitive) documenatry on the Elm Street series has gone live. The documentary, which began filmming in August of 2009, should prove to be all intensive. Brought to you by Dan Farrands who put together His Name was Jason, has […]

Graphic Horror – Slasher Merchandise

As well as toys, the other thing we horror geeks refuse to give up are our comics. There’s something about seeing limbs hacked to pieces and intestines being spewed out onto the floor that makes for an entertaining read.

A Nightmare on Elm Street One Sheet

To hell with the ones sites have been posting from the Comic-Con event, here’s the real thing. Finally we’re starting to see some progress with the publicity for A Nightmare on Elm Street, due out next April and making a presence at this year’s high profile event.

First Image of the New Freddy Krueger

I will remain sceptical until its release next April, but the first image of the all-new Freddy Krueger has just made its way onto the net.