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A Retro Slasher Salute to Bob Clark

There’s a story circulating among slasher fans that goes a little something like this:  Bob Clark took this young guy named John Carpenter under his wing to help show him how to direct feature films.  While serving as an apprentice, Carpenter learned Clark was working on sequel to Black Christmas called Halloween.  A few years later, Carpenter stole […]

Popcorn (1991)

There’s good and there’s bad and then somewhere in between there’s Popcorn. Released long after the golden era of the slasher boom, Porky’s star Mark Herrier’s tongue-in-cheek directorial debut mixes ’50’s schlock with ’80’s splatter with mixed results

Popcorn (1991) Review

15 years ago, Lanyard Gates finished his film The Possessor by murdering his family and setting fire to the theater. Legend says there were no survivors but the body of Lanyard Gates was never found. Now, a group of film students are re-opening the Dreamland for an all-night horrorthon. While the audience is watching cheesy […]