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Review: Die Sister, Die! (1972)

Review: Die Sister, Die! (1972)

With a remake now in pre-production it became necessary to review the original for those not yet acquainted with this elegant masterpiece. Originally intended for late night television, this little gem found wider success at midnight showings, double features and various budget VHS and DVD releases.

Review: Horror House (1969)

Review: Horror House (1969)

Studio tampering is a time (dis)honored tradition in the slasher genre. Horror House, A.K.A. The Haunted House of Horror, a forgotten little British chiller, is an early example of a studio destroying a film by radically changing storylines with unnecessary reshoots made without the director’s input.

Coppola’s Dementia 13 Making Its Way to Blu-ray

Over the last couple of years there have been countless Roger Corman productions that have made their way to Blu-ray and now the latest to be upgraded is Francis Ford Coppola’s commercial debut Dementia 13. Having completed work on a picture entitled The Young Racers in Ireland, Corman discovered that he still had some of […]

Proto-Slashers (Lucky) #13 – “The Centerfold Girls” (1974)

The Centerfold Girls is a grimy and grim precursor to 80’s slashers like Maniac and Don’t Answer the Phone; it’s also a prime example of 70’s Grindhouse filmmaking. With its dark take on that 70’s standard, the Battle of the Sexes, an argument can easily be made for this as a feminist horror film.

Horror High 35th Anniversary Edition DVD

On August 10 Code Red DVD releases the 35th Anniversary Edition of Horror High (1974 – do the math on that one). No relation to Return To Horror High (1987), though close together VHS release dates of both films in some countries implied as such, Larry Stouffer’s movie is actually a reliable stock proto-slasher.

Proto-Slashers #12 – Blood Feast (1963)

Looking at the flicks that paved the way for Halloween and the heyday of slasher movies. “Blood Feast is like a Walt Whitman poem – it’s no good, but it’s the first of its type”. – Blood Feast director Hershell Gordon Lewis Blood Feast is a joy. The world’s first splatter film delivers the goods […]