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Script for Leatherface 3D Currently Being Rewritten

If there has ever been a franchise that failed to live up to its potential then it is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although the 1974 original is considered a seminal classic, worthy of being placed alongside Psycho and Night of the Living Dead as important works of art, the subsequent series has been inconsistent at […]

My Bloody Valentines: A Comparison

Remakes by their very definition are derivative. No matter how much a filmmaker injects new themes and ideas into a movie, the very fact that it is a recycled concept means that there will be various plot points and set pieces that resemble its predecessor, much like with a sequel. But it is how that […]

I Spit On Your Cover: Make Your Choice

The remake of I Spit On Your Grave (1978) is coming to DVD/Blu-Ray on Feb 7th in the UK and Feb 8th in the US – practically a simultaneous release. For the Brit version (both formats), Anchor Bay UK are holding a public vote for which of six covers should feature as the sleeve ‘flipside’.

The Future Of Madman Marz

Joe Giannone’s Madman (shot in 1980, released 1982) has experienced a resurgence with slasher fans in recent years similar to the Sleepaway Camp movement. Yet this has all been contrary to the increasing rarity of the film since Anchor Bay’s DVD went out of print. But that’s about to be remedied as Code Red DVD […]

David Tennant joins Fright Night remake, McLovin is Evil Ed

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant will play vampire killer Peter Vincent in the new Fright Night remake.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Super Bad) is the new Evil Ed.  They will join Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, and Toni Collette in the Dreamworks feature.

Fright Night remake in the Works

Wow, the remakes news just keeps getting worse.  Colin Farrell is set to play the lead vampire in Dreamworks new remake.  That’s right, fear fans, one of the dullest actors in Hollywood is going to play Charley’s (Anton Yelchin)  “charismatic” vampire neighbor.  Mr. Woodcock director Graig Gillespie is in charge of this trainwreck and Marti Noxon handled […]