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A Nightmare on Elm Street One Sheet

To hell with the ones sites have been posting from the Comic-Con event, here’s the real thing. Finally we’re starting to see some progress with the publicity for A Nightmare on Elm Street, due out next April and making a presence at this year’s high profile event.

First Image of the New Freddy Krueger

I will remain sceptical until its release next April, but the first image of the all-new Freddy Krueger has just made its way onto the net.

Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Writer Pete Goldfinger

Along with frequent collaborator Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after writers in the horror genre, with not only Piranha 3D building anticipation but also the latest slasher redux, Sorority Row. Retro Slashers caught up with Pete to learn more…

Elm Street Shoot Ends – Backlash Begins

Remember Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s remake machine that gave us their ‘re-imagining’ of Friday the 13th earlier this year?  Well, their latest venture, A Nightmare on Elm Street, has now officially wrapped production and is set to make its way to the editing room.

Update on H2 and the fate of the Weinstein Co

Previously: Will Rob Zombie and H2 save the Weinstein’s from Financial Collapse Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting the struggling Weinstein Co. has hoarded enough cash to release Inglorious Basterds and (more importantly) H2 next month. The release of both films seemed in doubt earlier this year when TWC was forced to restructure the […]

Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Actor Matt Lanter

Following on from our exclusive interview with co-writer Josh Stolberg, Retro Slashers continues the Sorority Row coverage with actor Matt Lanter, whose work on such hit shows as Heroes and 90210 looks set to develop into a successful movie career.