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Etcetera Happenings At Code Red

It was nice to come back from a little Retro Slashers holiday to discover Code Red have finally brought their website into the 21st century. Maybe that’s not breaking news, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it in an updated, fully-functioning condition, at least. The new site has catalogue listings of their DVDs, future […]

Rituals… Finally (Most Likely)

Now it looks as though this backwoods Canadian proto-slasher is going to be released as early as next week!

“Rituals” Finally on DVD

IF YOU GO DOWN IN THE WOODS TODAY, YOU’RE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE. First up, a confession… I shamelessly neglected to mention this terrific flick in my “Great Red North” piece about Canadian slasher flicks a few months back. Truth is, it should have been front and centre in the piece. “Rituals” is an […]