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Retro Slashers Battle of the Bands: Terror on Tour vs Rocktober Blood

Retro Slashers Bar & Grill is proud to present the first slasher battle of the bands.  It’s The Clowns vs Headmistress this Saturday night to see who is the baddest slasher metal band on the planet.  Prepare for a night of slammin’, jammin’, and rammin’ to the hit songs “I’m Back”, “Killer on the Loose”, “Rainbow […]

Rocktober Blood (1984) Review

Heavy metal rocker Billy “Eye” Harper (Tray Loren) goes on a killing spree and snuffs 25 people before being captured and executed. The only survivor of Billy’s rampage is Lynn Starling (Donna Scoggins), back up singer and part-time groupie. Two years after the murders, Lynn is preparing her new band, Headmistress, for the Rocktober Blood […]