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A Retro Slasher Salute to USA Network 1985-1995

These days USA Network is known for wrasslin’, Law & Order marathons, and hip original shows like Burn Notice.  Back in the 1980s and early 1990s USA featured some really wild and crazy shows, the kind of shows that stay with impressionable young children long after they’ve turned old and gray.  So here’s a fond look back at […]

A Retro Slasher Salute to Bob Clark

There’s a story circulating among slasher fans that goes a little something like this:  Bob Clark took this young guy named John Carpenter under his wing to help show him how to direct feature films.  While serving as an apprentice, Carpenter learned Clark was working on sequel to Black Christmas called Halloween.  A few years later, Carpenter stole […]

A Retro Slasher’s Salute to Keith Knight

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the career of Keith Knight who portrayed Hollis in My Bloody Valentine.  Born in Ontario, Canada in 1956, Keith Knight spent his early acting career on the stage.  In 1979 Knight landed his first film role as Fink the hot […]

A Retro Slasher's Salute to Percy Rodrigues

Percy Rodrigues was THE voice for slasher and horror movie trailers in the 70’s and 80’s. His work includes the trailers for Popcorn, Madman, The Dark, Deadly Blessing, Return of the Living Dead, the Jaws series, and many others. His deep, rich voice and dramatic pauses could make the dullest horror movie sound like the […]