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Mother Superior 1925 – 2008

It might be a little late in mentioning, but Lilyan Chauvin who played the incredibly terrifying Mother Superior in Silent Night, Deadly Night passed away on June 26th of this year. Some things about Miss Chauvin you might not know: She was quite beautiful (She was actually compared to Greta Garbo) She was a DGA […]

Five Slashers That Deserve DVD Releases

Longed for titles like The Burning are finally in general DVD release and The Mutilator, Final Exam, Nightmare and more are safely in the hands of Code Red for the future, but here are the five most valuable retro slashers that need a digital release. Note, cheap company versions that are just video dubs do […]

Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 & 2 (DVD Review)

Silent Night, Deadly Night was a mean spirited little entry in the slasher canon that carried more notoriety on its shoulders than it was worth. Not to say it’s a bad slasher – it does manage some moments that get under your skin – like the suddenly non-comatose grandfather and the nighttime family assault that […]