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The Slasher Witch Hunt 6: The Slasher Law

The Slasher Witch Hunt 6: The Slasher Law

Harpool claimed the law was designed to keep children under 17 from renting or buying any video that included graphic materials.

The Slasher Witch Hunt part 5: John Lennon’s Death Sparks a Backlash

On Dec. 8, 1980, a crazed fan murdered the voice of a generation.  The outpouring of grief occurred on a global scale.  Thirty years later, it’s almost impossible for those of us not yet born or too young to understand what was going on to grasp the magnitude of John Lennon’s death.  In the weeks following […]

The Slasher Witch Hunt part 4: Government Intervention

In 1984, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom had to do something to protect children. Slasher films were no longer content with seducing the innocent in darkend theater complexes. Thanks to the home video revolution, slashers were now invading American and British homes. Something had to be done to protect future […]

The Slasher Witch Hunt part 3: Religious Con Men

Slasher movies are the work of the Devil and any child who watches one will turn evil and be damned to hell. Such was the battle cry for traveling hucksters posing as preachers during the 1980s. These gypsies made a dishonest living traveling from town to town warning about the diabolical forces lurking in heavy […]

The Slasher Witch Hunt part 2: The Feminists

While movie critics took to the airwaves to decry the slasher films flooding theaters in the early 1980s, hardcore feminists groups like N.O.W. took to the streets to protest the films, theaters showing slashers, and the dirty degenerates who attended the showings. If the popular feminists propaganda is to be believed, slasher films were designed […]

The Slasher Witch Hunt part 1: Roger Ebert

This is the first in a series of articles that will showcase the people, organizations, companies, and government agencies that tried to ban slasher films in the early 1980s. The first member of our rogues gallery is film critic Roger Ebert, who savaged the slasher film in his columns for The Chicago Sun-Times and on […]