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Slaughter High & The Funhouse Special Editions

Arrow Films have become Britain’s equivalent to Blue Underground, having released must-have special editions of many Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci movies, as well as such classics as Dawn of the Dead and Bay of Blood. Two of their latest titles announced are cult slashers that until now have received poor treatments on DVD and […]

When Push Comes to Shove: Slaughter High & Bullying

For anyone who has ever been pushed around (and haven’t we all at one point), Slaughter High is a revenge seeker’s wet dream. Marty (Simon Scuddamore) is probably the nerdiest nerd this side of Kenny Hampson (Terror Train). But he’s kind of lovable in that totally annoying way most dorks are. In the first scenes […]

Marty teams up with a Killer Santa, Linda Blair, and a confused Vampire

If you missed the uncut version of Slaughter High the first time Lionsgate released it on dvd, then don’t fret.  Lionsgate has re-released the dvd as part of a 4-Film Pack along with Silent Night Deadly Night 3, Repossessed, and My Best Friend is a Vampire.  You can find this once in a lifetime team-up […]

Slaughter High (1986) Review

Following on from the excessive brutality of Mil gritos tiene la noche (aka Pieces) and the festive fun of Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas, producing duo Stephen Minasian and Dick Randall turned their attention to the prank-gone-wrong formula with their 1986 effort Slaughter High

Slaughter High #1 Best Selling DVD!

In a win for retro slashers everywhere, SLAUGHTER HIGH (1986) is the #1 selling title at DVD Empire currently, out of all possible DVDs to buy. One of Lionsgate’s other releases this week, MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE, is #2, proving everyone indeed loves the 80’s. With #3 being THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD […]

Fangoria Sez Slaughter High DVD Disappoints

I don’t know what the hell has happened to lately but I do still trust the word of longtime scribe for the mag, Michael Gingold. Being a super-duper SLAUGHTER HIGH fan it was less his comments about the quality of the film that reached me, but those about the quality of the DVD. Video […]