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Review: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Review: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Since its initial release in 1983, Sleepaway Camp has developed a cult reputation, in part due to the film’s final reel twist, and in part due to its lead, Felissa Rose.

Sleepaway Camp IV From Retro Slashers DVD

Sleepaway Camp IV From Retro Slashers DVD

We’re “soft launching” a Retro Slashers DVD label with lost sequel Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, released in finished form for the first time ever next week after 20 years of uphill battle. The spine serial number is RS001 – and as a test case we’re piggybacking on this project which initiated over at companion […]

Slashers and Urban Legends: Cropsey

The Legend: The woods in Upstate New York belong to Cropsey, a madman with a passion for butchering young campers. Why Cropsey kills is unclear. Some say he was a cruel handyman disfigured by campers who fought back during one of Cropsey’s alcohol fueled rages. Others say Cropsey was a judge who lived with his […]

Sleepaway Camp IV Details And Poster

A pretty substantial update one of my retro projects: Fangoria have posted an article exclusively unveiling the Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor official poster art, plus copious quotage from me that’ll give you the comprehensive skinny on the lost slasher.

Resurrecting Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor

Some time back I mentioned some “real world projects” I’ve been up to, and while this one might not be news to readers of the Sleepaway Camp website where I posted this 5 months ago, it might be unknown to some Retro Slashers readers. I can’t say more right now, but for those interested, there […]

Sex Fiends & Drag Queens – Gender and Sexuality in the Slasher Film

Much has been made on the treatment of females and the representation of sexuality within the horror genre. Critics have constantly overanalysed a genre whose primary function is to entertain, often stating that the slasher film represents male’s fear of feminism and that the gruesome acts of violence that these type of films focus on […]