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Small Screen Slashers – Trapped

The same year that he fought Yul Brynner to the death in the science fiction classic Westworld, thirty-two year old James Brolin was forced to flee for his life through a closed department store from vicious guard dogs. Produced by Universal TV and debuting on ABC in 1973, Trapped would be overshadowed by Brolin’s big […]

Elvira Lives! ***Updated***

This is big news if you grew up watching the Hostess with the Most-est during the 80s.  New episodes of Elvira’s Movie Macabre will debut in syndication during the week of September 25.  The first episode will feature George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  Elvira’s return to television is really a surprise.  The character was on […]

Updated: Robert Englund guest stars on Bones tonight

Robert Englund will make a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of Bones.  “The Death of the Queen Bee” has Booth and Bones investigating a death at a class reunion.  Englund will be a chief suspect (but a red herring I suspect) in the murder.  The commercial I saw featured Englund holding a really big hunting […]

Friday the 13th Part III on UK TV – in 3D!

Slasher fans in the UK are in for a rare treat next week when Channel 4 screens Friday the 13th Part III in 3D as part of its seven-day 3D season. Special specs in an unusual blue-and-orange colour combo are available free of charge from Sainsbury’s supermarkets, so grab a pair (or a pair of […]

From TV To DVD: Harper's Island

I feel kinda guilty I never kept up with CBS TV’s HARPER’S ISLAND, but the only serial TV show I can fit into my busy life is LOST and only LOST. But I digress:  HARPER’S ISLAND was pitched as a simple concept – a finite series where each week, another character/suspect is knocked off and […]

Robert Englund Prepares for Fear Clinic

He may no longer be Freddy Krueger, but Robert Englund is still a major player in the horror genre. Re-uniting with fellow slasher icon Kane Hodder after their appearances in Wishmaster and Hatchet