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Jessica Moore Returns to Supernatural

Whilst it flirts with so many horror subgenres it can hardly be classed as a straight slasher, hit show Supernatural has enough ties to the likes of Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine that it seems to cater to a similar crowds

SMALL SCREEN SLASHERS: Terror at the London Bridge (Bridge Across Time)

In a modern society where serial killers are treated as celebrity, no other murderer has caught the attention of the world as much as Jack the Ripper. His brief, unsolved spree has spawned dozens of theories, just as many books and films even today, over 100 years later, still fascinates a blood thirsty public. Prolific […]

SMALL SCREEN SLASHERS – He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

With 1985’s Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning not only disappointing critics but alienating the fans, Paramount soon realised that they had to bring Jason Voorhees back in a new and exciting way


The practical joke gone wrong, such a staple of the slasher film. Hell Night, The Burning, Slaughter High – a common device within the genre is justifying the killer’s motives by using the prank as a catalyst, in an attempt to create sympathy and humanise the antagonist. It gives the audience some light humour, creates […]

RETRO TRASH: V (The Series)

RETRO TRASH A refuge for the ’80’s! Welcome to Retro Trash, a dumping ground of all things ’80’s, from movies and music to television and fashion.  Here, fans of everything from prosthetics to spandex can find gems from the decade that taste (and subtlety) forgot!

Happy Birthday To Me In Glorious HD And Restored Soundtrack?

A rumor was posted on regarding the version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME is airing this month in the States on FearNet/Comcast in both standard-definition and HD. The tantalizing tidbit however is that it contains the original, real soundtrack to the film instead of the alternative score pressed onto the Columbia DVDs. I haven’t […]