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Brand New Sorority Row Images

For those eager to see the upcoming teen slasher Sorority Row (hitting theatres October 2), here’s two brand new images from the movie to whet your appetite

Retro Jukebox: House On Sorority Row

HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW – Track #1 – Main Title – Richard Band

The House on Sorority Row (1983)

Whilst the early eighties saw a glut of summer camp (Friday the 13th, Madman, Sleepaway Camp) and event-themed slashers (Prom Night, Graduation Day, Happy Birthday to Me), sororities and fraternities had yet to play a prominent role in the genre.

House On Sorority Row (Modernized Trailer)

For those torn between the classic and the remake, modernized trailers bridge both worlds. Sure, in the fantasy world of purists, it’d be the original getting a big theatrical re-release, but these edited trailers at least cater to that “What If?” Compare it to the Remake’s Trailer.

Sorority Row (2009) Gets "R" Rating

Fango posted that SORORITY ROW (2009) has received a “Hard R” by the MPAA. The film was previously assumed to be going the PG-13 route, inspired by the success of PROM NIGHT. I personally don’t get the allure of calling a film’s rating a “Hard R” – I mean, does anyone ever lamment they got […]