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Sorority Row (2009) Teaser Poster

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Sorority Row Girls Talk Bloody Deaths

In this MTV article, the chicks from SORORITY ROW (2009) talk about the gris/gore quotent as being higher then that of the original. That may be true for many of the deaths which were pulled off with a mix of blood and suspense, but I can’t really see anything topping The Head In The Toilet, […]

Cry Wolf's Julian Morris Talks Sorority Row

Ah, CRY WOLF – very underrated, underappeciated whodunnit for all the same reasons APRIL FOOLS DAY was – heck, felt like a companion flick. But I digress. Actor from that film, Julian Morris stars in SORORITY ROW (2009), and speaks about the redux: Were you familiar with the original House on Sorority Row, and, if […]

Return Of The Birdcane

The official site for SORORITY ROW (2009) recently opened at the well-named – not much there right now but I did catch this clear look of the new birdcane! Although it isn’t as prominent weapon as in the original (who wants a straight repeat anyway, certainly not I), it fills me with warmth inside […]

Sorority Row (2009) Theatrical Trailer

Took me a while to digest the trailer for SORORITY ROW (2009). While HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) is my favorite retro slasher, this redux is one of the increasing number of “requels” – remakes that feel more like sequels. At the very least I’ll be watching to play catch-out on a number of confirmed […]

Exclusive Interview With SORORITY ROW's Margo Harshman

INTERVIEW: Christian Sellers How did you first develop a taste for acting and what was your first introduction into the industry?