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Beauty Queen Butcher (1991)

Usually a lost slasher finally getting released makes a few headlines but here’s one that has gone mostly unnoticed. The S.O.V. Beauty Queen Butcher, filmed way back in 1991, wasn’t released until 2007 by Camp Motion Pictures as part of their Retro 80s Horror Collection. Phyllis Loden (Rhona Brody) is a rather hefty girl tricked […]

SOV Month Becomes SOV Summer Becomes SOV YEAR!!!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming autumn equinox correctly, shall we? Due to some unforseen things – like life – I was unable to complete my obsessive SOV retrospective (or OSOVR) in the high style I would have liked. There are at least three films left I know I want to cover and probably a couple of […]

SOV Summer: Boardinghouse (1982) Review

*Note: I wrote this review before Code Red’s release of this incredible film. For those of you unaware of who exactly to blame for the shot-on-video sub-genre, look no further than director David Wintergate who made the first SOV flick, Boardinghouse. It would be easy enough to attack the poor Mr. Wintergate for creating such […]

I Spit On Your Vengeance: The Donald Farmer Interview

I Spit On Your Vengeance: The Donald Farmer Interview

1993’s SAVAGE VENGEANCE is one odd duck. It’s supposed to be a merely a tribute to the classic revenge film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978), yet it has the star of that film Camille Keaton reprising the same “Jennifer” role and vaguely referencing events from that film. With that in mind, I finaly got […]

SOV Summer: Las Vegas Bloodbath (1989)

Las Vegas Bloodbath was one of my first introductions into the bizarre world of shot on video mayhem. I am from Sin City and this movie was floating around my fair weather town back in the early 90s, thanks to the infamous Mascot Video Store, which was owned by the even more notorious Ray Dennis […]

Shot on Video Month becomes Shot on Video Summer!

Thanks to a mini-computer breakdown, I wasn’t able to continue as I would have liked with my SOV Month. So, because I think it’s just that important, I’m extending SOV Month through the simmering summer! YAY! I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve and should have a new review up in a couple […]