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“Tenebrae is a sexist novel. Why do you despise women so much?” Perhaps the most self-reflective moment from Dario Argento’s entire career. Having constantly been accused of misogyny due to the excessive violence his films have often levelled at their female victims, Tenebrae was a chance for the Italian filmmaker to finally comment on the […]


2009 celebrates thirty years since the release of Zombi 2, the movie that would not only cause controversy around the world but would also launch its creator to both great acclaim and notoriety. But there was more to Lucio Fulci than just excessive gore at the hands of the living dead, for the Italian filmmaker had […]

A Retro Slashers Guide to Giallo Cinema

The slasher film took its inspiration from various sources, such as real life serial killers and literature, but one of its most obvious influences was the giallo, the Italian crime genre that was first bought to prominence in the 1960’s with the works of Mario Bava.


After a successful run of four zombie movies, Lucio Fulci decided to turn his attention to a new genre and eventually settled on the American slasher film. Whilst the likes of Halloween and Friday the 13th had invaded the mainstream, there were still certain filmmakers such as Bronx native William Lustig (who had, coincidentally, cut […]

SPAGHETTI SLASHERS – What Have They Done to Your Daughters?

Whilst giallo had begun to dominate Italian cinema during the early seventies, another genre that had begun to attract attention was poliziesco, complex crime thrillers that, much like their more successful counterparts, had been inspired by the pulp novels of the thirties and forties.


Picture this – you are a wannabe screenwriter and your first effort somehow lands on the desk of one of your favourite directors. That’s what happened for budding scribes Jim Agnew and Sean Keller when their thriller Giallo attracted the attention of Italian auteur Dario Argento, the famed creator of such renowned classics as L’uccello […]