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Maniac Poster By Stephen Romano Bleeds Down Your Wall

Holy hannah, will you take a look at this? Right now? Maniac (1980) scores a new poster in celebration of its return theatrical run via Grindhouse Releasing and Blue Underground. Sure, there was nothing wrong at all with the original legs-knife-scalp poster – in fact it was everything right about early 80’s grimy slashers. Even that denim […]

Shock Festival DVD Review

The dvd companion to Stephen Romano’s excellent Shock Festival book is out now and it is a must have for slasher lovers, exploitation junkies, and movie nostalgia fiends.  If you grew up watching movies in 42nd Street grindhouses or southern drive-ins, then get ready for major flashbacks because Shock Festival brings back our childhood friends.  […]

DVD Announcement: Shock Festival

Press Release: A 3-Disc audio and video exploitation extravaganza featuring over 7 Hours of the most rare and unusual exploitation trailers, TV ads and radio spots from the age of GRINDHOUSE CINEMA! Plus original new content inspired by the amazing fictional b-movie world of Stephen Romano’s exploitation novel, SHOCK FESTIVAL!

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Romano Talks Black Devil Doll Novel

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY Since interviewing Jonathan and Shawn Lewis back in late 2007, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for their outrageously sleazy exploitation flick Black Devil Doll.

Black Devil Doll Turns Into a Motherfu**in Novel

I’m a bit slow picking up on this one but Black Devil Doll writer Shawn Lewis just informed me that a novelization of the movie is due for release.

It's A Shock Festival In Your Living Room

Rue Morgue’s Best Fiction Book of 2008, SHOCK FESTIVAL, is getting a DVD adaptation (of sorts). Fangoria recently posted an insightful Interview With Author Stephen Romano which outlines plans for the disc.