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The 7 Best Slasher Movie Party Scenes

The 7 Best Slasher Movie Party Scenes

Parties play a major role in many slasher films. Sometimes the party sets off the killer (My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler) and sometimes people pick the wrong place to have a good time (Killer Party, Hell Night, House on Sorority Row). We’ll start with the best ones and work our way down.

How Did Jamie Lee Curtis Really Feel About Slasher Movies?

Whilst they no doubt launched her career and horror fans may still consider them amongst the best work that she has done, when Jamie Lee Curtis first entered the movie industry with a string of low budget slasher films critics were less-than-enthusiastic about her performances, whilst Curtis herself expressed frustration at having to play the […]

DVD Reminder: Train (2009)

Arriving on Nov 17 from Lionsgate comes this remake of TERROR TRAIN that ended up HOSTEL by way of locomotive (!). Touring Eastern Europe with her college wrestling team, Alex (Thora Birch) attends a debauched late-night party that causes Alex and several teammates to miss their train to Odessa. Her coach is furious, but a […]

Train International Trailer

I believe it was an act of mercy that the TERROR was dropped from the TRAIN, even if the reasons for de-titling the “remake” were to cash in on HOSTEL. Ironically, even if the film made it off the shelf anytime soon, torture-porn is so out of vogue now. Anyway. Here’s the trailer for the […]

Terror Train (1980) Review

With the huge success of Halloween and Prom Night, Jamie Lee Curtis had slowly become one of the biggest stars of the genre, with her appearances in a variety of popular horror flicks earning her the moniker ‘scream queen.’ Her most underrated of films during this period was Terror Train

Terror Train rolls back into town

Some of you may no doubt recall a remake of Terror Train was announced by Lionsgate a ways back, set to star the lovely former A-list darling Thora Birch. Imaginatively rechristened Train, the project strangely morphed into a knockoff of Hostel 2, and was relegated to the shelf, where it remains to this day. 100% […]