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Under The Knife: Dissecting The Slashers

Written by David Boyle. As a horror fan I’m grateful for the long line of films that have drawn me to the most unyielding sectors of reality— and my imagination.  Every time I go to see a scary movie, I find myself reliving the exact moment when I first felt a cold surge of fear […]

Script for Leatherface 3D Currently Being Rewritten

If there has ever been a franchise that failed to live up to its potential then it is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although the 1974 original is considered a seminal classic, worthy of being placed alongside Psycho and Night of the Living Dead as important works of art, the subsequent series has been inconsistent at […]

David Schow’s Leatherface

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 had proven to be the third financial failure in a row for both director Tobe Hooper and Cannon Films, who had entered into a rather dubious three-picture deal following his exit from The Return of the Living Dead. With the rights available once again, New Line Cinema optioned to produce […]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gourmet Race

Why take crack when you can watch this video and get whacked out of your head?! This is what I imagine Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a Japanese supermarket commercial would look like. The music is from a Nintendo Kirby game. Yes, how very disturbing.

Jason vs Leatherface

In 1995, Topps Comics published Jason vs Leatherface, a three issue limited series that brought together two slasher icons for the first time.  The series features gruesome cover art by Simon Bisley, a story by Nancy (Sunglasses After Dark) Collins, and plenty of gory artwork from Jeff Butler.  Each issue concludes with a short article on slasher films or the […]

Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface

Back in the early 80s Fangoria held a Maniac Match-up contest.  Contestants were asked to create a comic strip featuring a duel to the death between The Shape, Jason, and Leatherface.  John Arnold and Linwood Sasser’s winning entry, 1st Fangoria Splatterbowl, was published in Fangoria #39.