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DVD Announcement: The Last Horror Film

We here at Retro Slashers are big fans of ol’ pockmark-face Joe Spinell’s thematic acting follow-up to Bill Lustig’s MANIAC, and are excited about its forthcoming S.E. DVD release via the bastions of the bad, Troma Entertainment. The uncut status and special features sound mouth watering – it even contains the “lost” remnants of the […]

The Last Horror Film (1982) Review

Vinny Durand (Joe Spinell) is a delusional taxi driver who dreams of making a big screen horror movie with the ultra-famous Jana Bates (Caroline Munro). Disregarding some relentless teasing from the neighborhood losers and after his mother asks him to “quit talking the crazy talk” Vinny heads off the Cannes Film Festival to woo Jana […]