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Code Red’s 2011 The Mutilator DVD Update

By Film, By VHS, By laserdisc, Bye Bye! Quick, release The Mutilator on DVD before we run out of cheesy puns. Okay, so the following which was posted on Code Red’s blog is more of a clarification than updating, but we’re betting much of it will be news to readers who haven’t been following the […]

By Sword, By Pick, By Axe: The Making of The Mutilator

Critics may scoff and most film fans may turn their noses up at them, but the slasher genre is the perfect training ground for a young, wannabe filmmaker. With an almost non-existent budget, a simple premise, aided by a likeable cast and some inventive special effects, can result in a modest performance at the box […]

The Mutilator (1985) Review

Sometimes slasher films fail to live up to their titles – The Toolbox Murders, The Driller Killer, Nail Gun Massacre and countless others were nothing more than yawn-inducing drivel.

Mutilator Goodies

Here are some photos of stuff from Buddy Cooper’s The Mutilator I’d like to share with you. Click for larger versions: The NC beachhouse the film was shot at. The hook from that infamous scene. The actual clapboard used in the film.

The Mutilator DVD Takes A Fall Break

By sword, by pick, by axe, bye bye DVD anytime soon! Some news to report, Buddy Cooper’s beach-side slasher is currently up in the air as to the particulars of its distribution. That’s not to say the DVD won’t happen someday, it’s just not in the very near future.

The Mutilator (1985) Review

The standard six-pack of college students (the Virgin, her Loving Beau, the Wiseass, his Nice Girlfriend, the Scrawny Slut and her Dim-Witted Mancub) head to the beach for a week of sun, surf and sex. But as we’ve learned in the prologue, our hero accidentally killed his mother while cleaning pop’s gun and dad ain’t […]