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The Prey Part Four: Lori Lethin Interview

Lori Lethin was a mainstay of episodic television in the 80s, appearing in everything from The Dukes of Hazzard to Hill Street Blues. But it was her genre work that earned her cult status (although her role on Charlie’s Angels was pretty dang cool too!). Lori Lethin’s pretty and petite girl-next-door beauty may have ensured […]

Lori Lethin: A Retrospective in Pictures

Lori was definitely in the some of the most fun slashers of the 80s. I recently interviewed her and during that time, I took a look back at her three big films and thought they deserved a nice little gallery! Enjoy!

The Prey: Part Three – From Game Show to Horror Show!

The Year: 1971 The Show: The Dating Game The Celebrity Up for Grabs: Ron Howard The Contestant: Debbie Thureson

The Prey Part Two: Jackson Bostwick Interview

Note: This interview was conducted for RS in 2005 Films become legendary for different reasons. Some are plagued with problems; others manage to transcend the art form and become something else entirely. Then there is the rarest beast indeed, the movie that no one knows anything about. You know it exists, you’ve seen it. You […]

The Prey: Part One – The Influence

I’ve been wanting to do a little tribute to The Prey, one of the more underrated slashers, but as you may have noticed (or not!), I’m only on RS sporadically (something I truly regret), which means Prey week is looking like it might not happen. So instead, I thought I’d do my posts in piecemeal. […]

The Prey (1984) Review

It’s almost impossible to look past such a salacious tagline as “It’s not human and it’s got an axe”, therefore, I didn’t. While I was slightly disappointed that it was human, he still carried that axe with enough murderous glee to make up for that shortcoming. The Prey is an oddity for sure. Approximately half […]