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DVD Review: Death Merchant (1988)

DVD Review: Death Merchant (1988)

Joe Spinell cannot die. Yet he has been dead for almost fourteen years. The sweaty, pock-marked Maniac is a beloved figure in retro slasher history, but he did several movies that were essentially variations of the same figure. We’ve been blessed with Spinell popping up every few years in another long lost lumbering, muttering role.

The Undertaker DVD In October

A Lost Slasher no more! Code Red are bringing the late Joe Spinelli’s psycho-slasher The Undertaker to DVD in October. Our own Thomas Ellison investigated the film and also recently reviewed it. And now you’ll get to see it to. Taking things one step further, Code Red are offering fans to vote which cover it […]

The Undertaker (1988) Review

Uncle Roscoe (Joe Spinell) is a small town undertaker who loves his work and his customers, literally.  Roscoe is a necrophiliac who turns his female victims into brides while male victims become members of the wedding party.  When Nick (Patrick Askin) discovers his uncle’s dark secret he alerts teacher Pam Hayes (Rebecca Varon, or Yaron depending […]

The Undertaker (1988): Joe Spinell’s Lost Slasher

Joe Spinell, the man who drove feminists and movie critics insane with his performance in Maniac, was working on three slasher films (Lone Star Maniac, Maniac 2: Mr. Robbie, and The Undertaker) shortly before his death in 1989. Maniac 2: Mr. Robbie was never completed beyond a few promotional scenes and Lone Star Maniac for […]