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SOV Week: The Ripper (1986)

Prof. Richard Harwell (Tom Scheier) discovers Jack the Ripper’s ring in a Tulsa, Oklahoma antique shop. Wearing the ring unleashes Jack from limbo and allows him to increase his bloody body count. Only horror geek Steve (Wade Tower) and skeletal dance instructor Carol (Mona Van Pernis) can stop the two-hundred-year-old killer from completing his mission. […]

A Retro Slasher Salute to Bob Clark

There’s a story circulating among slasher fans that goes a little something like this:  Bob Clark took this young guy named John Carpenter under his wing to help show him how to direct feature films.  While serving as an apprentice, Carpenter learned Clark was working on sequel to Black Christmas called Halloween.  A few years later, Carpenter stole […]

Scavolini vs. Savini – Nightmare In a Damaged Brain

When I spoke to Romano Scavolini back in September 2007, he still insisted that the special effects for his notorious video nasty Nightmare (more commonly referred to as Nightmare in a Damaged Brain) were designed and created by makeup legend Tom Savini.

Tom Savini On Joe Spinell

We recently reviewed the Last Horror Film Uncut Special Edition DVD and if you read that, you know how chock-full the disc is. Troma dropped us a line to let us know they have posted a brand new video filmed at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors featuring FX legend Tom Savini & Joe Spinell’s friend Sal […]