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Future Kill Composer Robert Renfrow Passes Away

I have been informed by a close friend of Future Kill composer and true Texan Robert Renfrow that he passed away on December 9th 2010 after a short illness. He was only 49. It feels like a major blow to me – in 2006 I┬áinterviewed Renfrow and it was one of my favorite interview experiences […]

Goodbye Mr. Hammond: Leslie Nielsen Leaves Us

Man, I hate celebrity obituaries. They seem overly superficial and obligatory, summarizing a man’s life with a hit-and-run of his Wikipedia entry. So there’s nothing I can contribute of any depth in mourning the passing of Leslie Nielsen except to explain what he meant personally to me, and his entertaining romp in a retro slasher.

Here We Are At Halloween

A quiet halloween for me. I’ve been sick all week, and as a result of carving my first ever jack-o-lantern way too early in the month, it has rotted and sunken in on itself, causing it to look a little like Abe Vigoda if his face imploded. So that’s two points against an enjoyable halloween. […]

6 More Days To Halloween: Everyone Deserves A Halloween Treat

My sometimes collaborator but always friend Dustin over at Retro Horror Remix recently released Halloween Treat 2 though the internet’s version of VCD, the torrent.

8 More Days To Halloween: Coming To Terms With Season Of The Witch

As we approach All Hallows Eve I’m struck by the annual feeling that Halloween: Season Of The Witch is the most “Halloweenish” of the whole series. It always bothered me on one level at least – it’s a holdover from the ‘robot duplicate takeover’ plots from the 70’s that by the early 80’s was mostly […]