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Vote Retro Slashers For Splatcademy Award

Retro Slashers has been nominated in the category Best Horror Blog or Website for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards presented by’s Splattercast podcast. We’re running with four respected peers in the genre community, and voting runs to February 15th.

Website Updates (November)

Just because we live in the 80’s, doesn’t mean our functionality has to. We’ve sorted out a number of things. First off, the comments system has gotten an overhaul. No more waiting for post approval – instant gratification is the order of the day. You can now use your Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo account to […]

Retro Slashers Vs Spam

Unfortunately the message board we debuted a week or so ago has been trouble for me since day one. It was devised as a solution to the 300-500 spambots per day (updated: now 2000 per day) that hit our comments (even if 99% are stopped from being visible in public, they still hit the server). […]

Retro Slashers Forums

Our new Retro Slasher Forums are now open…

Website Updates (July)

The most requested feature is finally finished, the Reviews Index – linking every review on our website, past and present. There’s a link at the top above the banner for easy access. Now that that job is out of the way, a Retro Slashers forum will be along in the next few days as a […]

New Sister Site:

Check out our new “sister” website for coverage of the now-retro SCREAM series –