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MySpace Review Round-Up

If you haven’t added us as a friend on the Retro Slashers MySpace yet, please do. Check out a whole slew of new reviews over there courtesy of Christian Sellers. There are currently 17 Reviews over there. Take a guess based on the images below!

Retro Slashers MySpace

Just a quick heads-up that I recently handed over the Retro Slashers MySpace to my good friend Christian Sellers of Gorezone Magazine. Just part of the whole scaling’ back of things I’ve earlier alluded to. It’s in top hands, so if you haven’t already, drop by and say hi.

The Dagger Of Time

I am running into extreme time issues and don’t feel I can maintain the blog in any way described as “up to date”. I’m so behind on news and such, and as such instead of tabling this feature would like to open the doors to adding more bloggers on here to maintain the place. Hit […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I’m a little late for Xmas and a little early for New Year’s, but time is short so wanted to just say, hope you all enjoy the holidays. This year saw some random dropping off/picking up of postings from me due to working on a few “real world” retro slasher related projects, some of which […]

Tech Issues

Something went down and the site rolled back to its week or so ago state, a restore is being worked on. Update Dec 16: OK, I’ve got word I can continue updating the site. The older posts will be shoehorned at a later date in the near future.

Retro Slashers: The Trailer

Check out this fantastic little advertisement my buddy Rob Long created for the website!!