Thanksgiving Almost Canceled by Sea Urchin Attack


Here’s a bizarre story some of you may have missed. Eli Roth, during a recent trip to Mexico, was attacked by a pissed off gang of sea urchins. A rogue wave crashed into Roth and drove the director into sea urchin infested waters. The sea urchins greeted Roth by stabbing him several hundred times with their spines. Roth was able to fend off the attacks with his hands and feet.

When Roth finally made it back to shore he was stopped by two drunken fans who wanted the injured director to join their party. The fans had to settle for bloody handshakes. At the hospital, Roth was informed no anesthetic would be used while a doctor removed the hundreds of needle sharp spines with a pair of tweezers. During recovery, Roth sent his vacation-from-hell story and photos of his shredded foot to the website TMZ.

To read Roth’s harrowing account of his near death encounter and see images of his foot click here:

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10 Responses to “ Thanksgiving Almost Canceled by Sea Urchin Attack ”

  1. Eli Roth sucks ass.

  2. Roth is a douche that just loves himself to much. I love “Cabin Fever” but he took a great idea with the Hostel movies and ruined it by turning them into lame T&A teenager movies with with weak humor. I suspect we have seen the best from him and now he’ll slowly fizzle away.

    Also his cameo in Cabin Fever was ok but he proves he’s no actor in Quentin Tarentino’s dreadfully dull “Inglorious Bastards”.

  3. I didn’t miss this story. In fact, I sent those sea urchins after him. The sea urchins tried but failed. This time. Watch where you step, Eli.

  4. So much hate for Eli. Wow. I think he will bring us an awesome “Retro slasher” with Thanksgiving. I can watch that trailer over and over and just think about how great the slasher genre use to be.

  5. Personally I think Hostel was the best horror of the decade. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  6. Hostel was great! One of the few times I cheered outloud in a theater when Jay Hernandez got away and ran down the wenches that set him up. Awesome!

  7. *shakes head*

    Not a huge Roth fan, but even I know when to feel bad for somebody. Oh peoples.

    I hope he is doing alright. Plus, I’m dying to see Thanksgiving!

  8. Roth isn’t that bad. Cabin Fever a little overrated IMO. Hostel was a a good Explotation film and Hostel 2 was just as much fun. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving. I have been waiting for that to be made forever and hope he does it soon. Glad to hear he is fine.

  9. I can’t stand Roth and his arrogance… or any of his films (though they do have some admirable aspects). I think I started hating him the second I noticed that in many of his interviews, he’ll always have some hot chick sitting next to him doing NOTHING. Was he THAT tormented as a kid that he feels the need to bring a chick with him to an interview just to say “Hey! Look what I got!! Look what I became!! NYA NYA NYA!!!”

    At the same time, I’m dying to see Thanksgiving. I think that trailer was, by FAR, his best work.

  10. Eli roth is great! reguardless if u like his movies or not, u have to respect a man that loves horror the way he does. plus, hes so flippin’ hot, its unbelievable.

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