The Cat o' Nine Tails Star Karl Malden Dies at 97


Whilst having enjoyed a long and distinguished career,many horror fans may recognise screen legend Karl Malden from Dario Argento’s second feature Il gatto a nove code (The Cat o’ Nine Tails), in which he portrayed a blind former journalist who investigates a series of murders involving scientists.

With Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Fred Travalena having passed away within the last week, Malden died earlier today from natural causes. Having forged a career with the likes of The Streets of San Francisco, as well as various collaborations with Marlon Brando, Malden had been working in the industry for over thirty years before starring in one of Argento’s most poorly received and misunderstood films.

Walden’s last screen appearance was in an episode of hit show The West Wing back in 2000. He passed away at his home in Brentwood at ninety-seven.


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3 Responses to “ The Cat o' Nine Tails Star Karl Malden Dies at 97 ”

  1. I know he was in many movies and on several shows, but Cat O’ Nine Tails was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the news. 97 is a ripe old age.

    RIP Karl.

  2. so much sad……….
    and i still remeber his great action in the play….

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